Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Bog

I love the last few weeks of winter, when you start to realize spring is creeping in. The best kind of winter day is when you have to take layers of clothing off because it keeps getting warmer.

Recently, we had a lovely afternoon visiting with our friend Bill.  He and my husband, through their mutual love and admiration of native Pine Barren bog plants, have created the largest above ground bog in North America. We spend many summer days at his home enjoying all of the plants in his garden especially the carnivorous pitcher plants and native orchids.

This day in particular we went to Bill's house because he has an insane collection of witch hazels  (64 different varieties to be exact). My son enjoyed looking at all of the honey bees landing on the witch hazel flowers.  The fragrance is intoxicating!

For now we sit among the bog plants in their dormant state. Searching the through the pine needles for signs of life.  

Enjoying the warm sun and lollipops.   


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