Friday, January 30, 2009

Where are the plants?

Our paper whites bloomed this week. Forcing bulbs is something we started doing a few years ago. It is a super fun way to enjoy watching pretty flowers grow during the winter. Gardening is such a huge part of our lives I can hardly wait to get Meade involved. The warm spring days will be even more enjoyable with him making his way around the yard. I think it will be an amazing learning experience that he won't even realize he is getting. It will just be a part of him. Jason and I wonder if when he gets older and starts to play at other kids houses if he will ask us where the plants are. That would be pretty funny....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Monday we visited with our favorite people in Jersey City. A good time was had by all. Although from the picture I am wondering if Meade was happy or scared. lol! Emmett seemed to enjoy pushing him around. He was very good at it I must say! Here is a funny picture from our day that I thought I would share.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I need to focus!

It's pretty easy to get wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of living with a seven month old baby. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and live in the moment. My mind is racing... "OK, I need to nurse, play, go to the store and get him down for a nap, then do it all over again." Most of the time I can barely take care of what I need to eat! I was glad to realize, as I was going through my pictures today that my trusty camera was living in the moment for me. I was thankful again to capture Jason and Meade having a really nice moment. This still doesn't excuse the fact that I need to be more present!
I need to take a minute to give my husband a lot more credit for what he does. It is sad to think that he is usually in my line of fire when I am feeling frustrated...for better or for worse...right? However, there are so many things that he does in which I love!!
Like, tell me I am pretty when I feel like a total hag! Sweep in at the right moment when I am about to loose it, without any questions. He is always armed with a great pep talk when needed. The most simple act... each night at 3am there is always a full glass of water in the same place in case I get thirsty. I feel very lucky.
He has really evolved from the person I met 14 yrs ago. I think the biggest change has happened in the past 7 months. I love him so much for the amazing dad and husband he has become.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ahhh... Sunday

Sunday afternoon.... all is quiet. The baby is napping! We have been having a wonderful, winter weekend. Two yummy meals with friends, family food shopping, soup simmering on the stove. All is well...

Jason and I have been having a bit of spring fever. We couldn't be more excited about planning out our gardens. This year is the first time we will be growing seeds in our basement. It's amazing that we have never done this before! Jason built a really cool wooden structure, that holds 2 long florescent lights. This year we really need to focus on our veggie garden. In years past, the space has been used for herbs, perennials and some veggies. We are going to give the whole bed an overhaul and and start from scratch. It is going to be great eating fresh homegrown vegetables this year!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well... I guess I will start out explaining my title. A very good friend suggested I start this blog. I was looking for something inspirational to help me begin. Being a new mom I didn't have to look very far. The beautiful new addition to our lives was upstairs, napping away. Seven month old as of yesterday. Seven pretty crazy and wonderful months. That leads me to my title...every star shines a different light, by Dr. William Sears. When I read those words it gave me a very warm feeling. Ever since Meade was born I had been referencing The Baby Book, written by Dr. Sears. When I discovered that he had also written one called the Fussy Baby Book, I was thrilled. That is when I stumbled upon those words. And it put everything that I had been feeling over the past 7 months into perspective. And it made me very happy!