Monday, March 23, 2009

9 months old

Meade turned 9 months old today! It is unbelievably scary how fast time flies! He is getting to be such a big boy. I often wish I could freeze time and keep him this age forever. The future is something I look at with excitment and trepidation. I want to savor each end every moment while he is a baby. It's hard to imagine a time were he won't need me anymore. To be honest I don't want to imagine that. So now, we will just be in the moment of 9 months old...and in the grand scheme of truly is only a moment.

We started off the day going to the carpet store. Not very exciting for a baby. But he did a good job waiting while I figured out what to get. He enjoyed touching all the different types of carpet. Thankfully we are in the final stages of redoing our front porch. It is going be Meade's new play area. The porch was in need of a face lift so I am happy that it has come together. I am amazed at what a coat of paint will do for a room. It is going to be a wonderful space for him to play. The carpet will make his next stages of development a little more comfortable.

Our pace has been picking up around here. With spring comes a whole different routine. Dad is back to work 6 days a week. I am back 3 days. I worked felt nice to get my hands dirty and to start working with plants again. Even though the ground is still cold and things are just starting to poke out of the soil. The greenhouse is super warm and full of cool plants just waiting to be potted up! Check out our website!

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  1. Your work place looks so lovely ...
    Looking forward to seeing Meade's new play area!