Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter days

Winter is a very special time for our family. Both Jason and I are in the horticulture industry. Therefore, we work tons of hours in the spring, summer and fall. And we basically have off in the winter time. Usually winter can feel pretty long...being an outdoorsy person I almost feel like a part of me is in hibernation. However, this year we have been given a precious gift. Our sunbeam who warms our hearts and souls on a daily basis. On most mornings when we are all together, dad puts a funny outfit on him. It's pretty funny to see what he is going to come up with. Of course, Meade has no clue what is going on and is just as happy and as silly as can be! I truly cherish each moment we all have together. Today I realized that I have about 7 weeks left until this is going to change. We will join the rat race once again. As our anticipation of spring grows so does little Meade. As excited as I am to watch him blossom like a flower. I can't help but want to freeze time. It is inevitable we will need to come out of hibernation. But for now...I am perfectly happy being in our warm and cozy little house... all together!

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  1. You & I have talked about this before. Winter is such a cherished "down" time for us horticulturists. Sounds like you guys are savoring each and every moment of it.
    Love the picture of Meade ... he's really changing, again.