Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4-4-4 Meme

I was tagged!

This picture is the moment our eyes met. The moment my life changed forever... Meade Ingram he was just shy of being 2 weeks late. I waited patiently... he would arrive when he was ready. Judging from his personality the moment he entered the world...he probably could have used 2 more weeks in my belly. He is a sensitive soul. My dear friend Erin reminded me on especially trying days that the world needs more sensitive people. I couldn't agree more.

When I was at the final stages of labor a nurse asked my husband where our camera was. We were so wrapped up in labor we didn't bring a single bag into the hospital. I was able to experience most of my labor at home. Entering the hospital I was already in transition. Things were moving so fast we didn't even think about bags or cameras. After 2 hours of pushing my midwife informed us that a couple more and we would be meeting our little baby. We realized we didn't have our camera. My husband frantically ran out of the room to the car. Luckily a really sweet nurse (brought him back) and went to our car to retrieve it for us. If she had not.... we would never have been able to capture the most amazing moment in my life. Mommy and Meade meeting face to face!

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