Monday, July 18, 2011

On the go!

Meade stayed with his Grammy and Pop while we worked on his new big boy room.  I am still waiting for his prints to arrive... so the completed room will be posted soon!

last week we spent some time at the beach.  The cool sand in the shadows felt nice..
as well as a stroll under the bridge.

We love visiting Longwood Gardens in the summer! Daddy couldn't join us but we took this picture for him because we know how much he loves carnivorous plants!!
Contemplating the amazing waterlilies...
Another summer favorite is swimming in Aunt Kristy and Crumple Geoff's pool!
And our pool/summer bathtub...

I must say that all of the running around has been fun.  But we are looking to slow it down a bit.  This 3 year old likes the experiences at his house, just as much if not more than anywhere else.   

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