Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our garden May 2009

I love hens and chicks, sedums and purple pansies!
Spring blooming native orchids and carnivorous plants full of buds!

Front yard: Our inground bog garden and lots of plants starting to grow

The beginning of the container gardening madness!

Basement grown veggies lined up, ready to be planted

Entrance to the back yard

I'm obsessed with chartreuse and purple!

another container...

blue bells and the native pinxterbloom azalea

april showers brought may flowers

sedum and pansy

The phlox coming up in our ice house container. A cool container we saved from being thrown away.

Our agave collection

A couple sunny and warm days and tons of rain and our garden is leaping from the ground! We couldn't be more excited! This is only the beginning...hope you enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous pics, Kelly! Each year your backyard and container gardens just get better & better!

  2. The yard look beautiful....glad I got to see it in person! xo