Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I need to focus!

It's pretty easy to get wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of living with a seven month old baby. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and live in the moment. My mind is racing... "OK, I need to nurse, play, go to the store and get him down for a nap, then do it all over again." Most of the time I can barely take care of what I need to do...like eat! I was glad to realize, as I was going through my pictures today that my trusty camera was living in the moment for me. I was thankful again to capture Jason and Meade having a really nice moment. This still doesn't excuse the fact that I need to be more present!
I need to take a minute to give my husband a lot more credit for what he does. It is sad to think that he is usually in my line of fire when I am feeling frustrated...for better or for worse...right? However, there are so many things that he does in which I love!!
Like, tell me I am pretty when I feel like a total hag! Sweep in at the right moment when I am about to loose it, without any questions. He is always armed with a great pep talk when needed. The most simple act... each night at 3am there is always a full glass of water in the same place in case I get thirsty. I feel very lucky.
He has really evolved from the person I met 14 yrs ago. I think the biggest change has happened in the past 7 months. I love him so much for the amazing dad and husband he has become.


  1. I think you speak for a lot of women when you say that "they are in our line of fire." Unfortunately. Jason's a good guy. Hi Jason!

  2. Kell, you are never a hag!....its true, the babies need dad energy too...as we need husband energy....we sometimes all get lost in the shuffle! xo